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Does The Design Of Your Site Affect SEO?

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Does Your Website Design Affect The SEO?

Getting a new website can be such a pain especially if you are getting a whole new look. How the website is designed and laid out is important because you want your website visitors to be able to cruise your website with ease and be able to navigate through all of your website and find whatever it is that they are looking for. You also want your website to make sense in what it is about and have certain information on specific pages. One thing you want on all pages no matter what it is about is a call to action. You want to be able to have the website visitor get in touch with you or have them provide you with their email or contact information so you can at least follow up. Next you want to make sure you have everything on your website that the search engines will be looking for. Does your content make sense? Do you have your major keyword sprinkled into the content? What if your website is featuring all kinds of pictures? These are all questions that need to be looked at when doing a website design because in some aspects your website design does affect the SEO to some extent.

What Are The Different Types of Websites?

Believe it or not there are different ways to get a new website. There are a wide range of methods to use to get a website such as html, wordpress, a drag and drop platform. Each one of these methods is different in a few ways such as functionality and they also have different ways the search engines use them. The drag and drop platform can be done using something like Weebly. It is user friendly and fast to set up a website. Check out as an example. That site was created using the Weebly platform. The look and feel to it may seem like lower quality however it is still a website. The functionality of it is somewhat limited because of the platform however most things can still be done on it versus a wordpress website. Then there are more websites that are developed on WordPress with a theme. Allegheny Valley Transfer out of Pittsburgh used a wordpress theme that was specifically for their industry. This takes a little bit more time and money to configure but more options are available to customize the website. The website also looks a little bit more professional as well. With the customization, you can add plugins to help with the SEO. Last but not least, you can also get a website designed by what another company did. You see if you like a website design that is in your same industry, you can get that same website and replicate to your company. This is exactly what Kole Contractors Inc did. They liked the website design of a home remodeling contractor in Dallas Texas which is not their market. Just like with the other wordpress site, this one was a wordpress site and had different functionality and customizations done to it.


Website design does have a little affect to the SEO. It doesn’t affect the overall SEO because most of the proper techniques that need done for the search engines to identify your site can be done on any website platform. However, Using a platform such as wordpress will provide you with many tools and resources to help make the SEO drive forward better than a drag and drop website platform like Weebly.

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Connect to millions with SEO/The Web Design

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Nowadays everything has come to your fingertips. You can get access to millions of information just at a tip of a button. This has happened due to the huge access to information through websites. You no longer have to worry about anything as the ever thing is available right a click away. In this internet-based world, two things have become very high in demand, and they are SEO service and web designing. There are various service providers who give all the facilities related to this. You can use their service for hastening your business or life.

About SEO

SEO service covers a very wide aspect, and it cannot be mentioned in few words. The core idea of SEO is very simple. It acts as a window shopping technique which attracts huge customers. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, check out for an example. This means that a particular web page will appear on the first page of any related website. It connects a chain of websites which helps the people to access with a single click. A single click can give all the information to the users. It can directly take the users to the particular website that they are searching for.


Web Designing

Web designing is a very important aspect of web marketing or web world. If you want to make sure that your web page would attract multiple visitors, then you should consider a bright web designing. A good web design can help your web page to attract millions of users. In the case of web designing, you should take extra care to few factors. Firstly you should make sure that the design of your web page is attractive. A great example is, the site is simple yet modern. The design should be remarkable so that it can attract maximum visitors. The design and color of the web page should be bright and soothing.

You must also provide all authentic information on your web page so that people find it useful to visit your web page. All the information should be clear and good. Moreover, the operation of your web page should be user-friendly. These are few factors that you must consider before making your web page.

Choosing wisely

If you want to get all the facilities with utter excellence, then you must choose a good service provider. There is various wed designing and service provider available. You can easily choose them from the internet. These service providers can give you huge facilities in web designing and SEO. There are few factors that you must consider before choosing your service provider.

  • You must compare various service providers before choosing it.
  • You must compare the prices of the service.
  • You must make sure about the authentication of the service.

Apart from this, you should have proper knowledge about it. A better knowledge can make you smart in your choice. You can easily choose your service provider from online facilities. Considering the above factors can make your choice wise and judicious. Therefore, you must consider these factors if you want to make a bright future in web marketing.

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